I'd like to thank the following people, who contributed ideas and who helped me test and debug the qForms API:

  • Abraham Lloyd, onProject Inc.
  • Cameron Childress, elliptIQ Inc.
  • Greg Narain, emailSYNC
  • Jeremy Allen, elliptIQ Inc.
  • Joel Copeland, OARnet
  • Michael Imhoff, onProject Inc.
  • Raymond Camedon, Allaire Corp. (Macromedia Corp.)
  • Steve Nelson,
  • Steve Moore (for his patience in helping work out Mac IE bugs.)
  • and many, many more...

Extended Thanks!!!
Extended thanks go to the following people, who really went above & beyond in helping provide some great ideas for expanding the qForms API:

  • Simeon Simeonov, Allaire Corp. (Macromedia Corp.)

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