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Custom Tags
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Custom Tags

The following ColdFusion custom tags are available as-is and are unsupported. The files posted here are available for download as a convience for other ColdFusion developers to use in their own projects.

If you make modifications to any of the tags, please share your changes with the author.

cf_html2js v1.0 [example] [more info] [download]
Converts the output buffer between the open and close tags to a JavaScript array, which is then outputted to the screen via browser's document.write() method.

cf_noCache v1.0 [download]
This tag will try to prevent the user's browser from caching the page. Should even work with AOL users. Place this tag in between your <head></head> tags.

cf_head v1.0 [download]
This tag is a replacement for the <cfhtmlhead> tag. Text between the <cf_head></cf_head> tags will be placed within the <head></head> tags of your HTML document.

If you're looking for a tag that used to be available from PengoWorks.com, please check the custom tag archive section of the site.

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