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The files listed below are older files that are most likely obesolete. They come as-is and are unsupport. They are available for download as a convience for developers running older versions of ColdFusion.

cf_objDump v1.10 [example] [more info] [download]
Use this tag to dump the entire contents of any ColdFusion variable or object to the screen. Includes DHTML for use with IE that creates an interactive tree.

cf_ezPassword v1.0f [example] [more info] [download]
CF_EzPassword is the easiest way to password protect areas of your site using ColdFusion. Not only is it the easiest and quickest way, it's the most versatile too!

cf_pleaseWait v2.0 [example] [download]
CF_pleaseWait was designed to be easy to implement and to take care of over-anxious users who insist on repeatively clicking hyperlinks and submit buttons because they don't see an immediate result.

cf_debug v3.0 [download]
CF_debug was the first debugging tool written for ColdFusion. The first version was released about the same time that Allaire release ColdFusion v3.0. The goal of CF_Debug is to allow you to easily monitor execution times and values of variables within your scripts. The output is displayed within a pop-up window created using JavaScript, so the output of the original template is not altered.

cf_block2String v1.0 [download]
This tag captures all the input between <cf_block2String></cf_block2String> and stores the result in a variable.

cf_clearScope v1.0 [download]
This tag will clear the contents any given CF scope that is stored as a structure. You can use this tag to safely clear the application and session scopes in CF4.5.

cf_location v1.0 [download]
This tag is a replacement for the native ColdFusion tag <cflocation>. This version allows you to use <cfcookie> on the page and still use <cf_location> to redirect the user to a new page.

cf_stopWatch v1.0 [download]
This tag will output the execution time a specific block of code to execute. Simply place any block of code between the <cf_stopWatch></cf_stopWatch> tags and the output time will be display on the resulting HTML page.

cfx_servUAdmin v1.0 (alpha) [download]
CFX_servUAdmin is the first tool that allows ColdFusion developers to directly change their Serv-U v2.x settings—including adding/editing users & groups, changing log-in messages, verifying passwords, creating new passwords and much, much more.

cfx_ezUrl v1.0 (alpha) [download]
CFX_ezURL does many things, but it's sole purpose is to take the workload off of you, the programmer, by automatically creating HTML anchors (links) in your ColdFusion template files.

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