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CF_ezPassword is the easiest way to password protect areas of your site using ColdFusion. Not only is it the easiest and quickest way, it's the most versatile too!

Unlike other ColdFusion login tags available, CF_EzPassword does not require a database or client/session management to work! This means that you can set up CF_ezPassword quickly and run it on any server using ColdFusion (version 4 or higher) without any additional installation.

NOTE: Although CF_EzPassword does not require a database to work, it's open architecture easily allows you to integrate it with your current user database. All that's required is that you pass CF_EzPassword a valid query name, with a "username" and "password" field, and CF_EzPassword can validate the user's information for you. This allows for maximum flexibility and expansion.

CF_EzPassword works by storing an encrypted string into the user's browser via a cookie. CF_ezPassword even allows you to specify the key to be used in the encryption, which nearly eliminates any chances of someone decrypting the string.

NOTE: CF_EzPassword relies on the encryption function in ColdFusion to handle it's encryption algorithms. PengoWorks.com does not take responsibility for any problems that may occur from using this funtion.

Using CF_EzPassword you'll be able to:

  • Validate users quickly and easily
  • Create basic security quickly and easily. No more turning to client management to handle a simple password protection scheme on one or two pages on your site.
  • Tie in to existing user databases
  • Expire "sessions" after a user-definied number of minutes

When viewing the example below, make sure to examine the source code in the bottom frame. The source code is the exact code used to create the page in the top frame. The valid user names and passwords are listed in the source code.

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