jQuery Java Applet Bug

When a Java applet appears on the page, jQuery throws an error in Firefox v2. You don't even need any jQuery specific code, just having an applet visible on the page is enough to force jQuery to generate an error. The error message can very, but it's usually appears in Firebug as:

Java class HelloWorld has no public field or method named "jQuery1207164172390"
[Break on this error] id = elem[ expando ] = ++uuid;

It doesn't matter if you use the <applet> or <object> tags, it happens with either. Once the error is thrown, the browser stops responding to other JS events/commands.

The applet above is just a simple applet that display "Hello World." The source code is:

public class HelloWorld extends java.applet.Applet
   public void paint(java.awt.Graphics g)
        g.drawString("Hello World!",50,25);
        System.out.println("Hello World!");
NOTE: If the error doesn't occur on the first page hit, just refresh the page.