The qForms API was designed to work with any browser that supports JavaScript v1.1. This includes Netscape Navigator v3.0 (and higher) and Microsoft Internet Explorer v4.0 (and higher.) The API has been tested extensively on the wintel platform under a variety of different browsers. Any known incompatibilities will be listed in the "Known Incompatibilities" section of the documentation.

The following browsers were used during development for testing:

  • Netscape v3.01 Gold
  • Netscape Communicator v4.01
  • Netscape Communicator v4.07
  • Netscape Communicator v4.5
  • Netscape Communicator v4.51
  • Netscape Communicator v4.60
  • Netscape Communicator v4.61
  • Netscape Communicator v4.07
  • Netscape Navigator v6.0
  • Internet Explorer v4.0
  • Internet Explorer v5.01
  • Internet Explorer v5.5
* NOTE: All testing was done on either on Windows platform—including Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

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