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qForms v2.0 Preview

Ok, I've finally decided it's about time to show that qForms v2.0 is indeed in the works. Unfortunately I just haven't had the time to volunteer to this open source project, so development has been much slower than I anticipated. Version 2 is also pretty much a complete re-write from scratch, so there's been a lot of debug and testing that's needed to go on. I've also enhanced and added a lot of functionaliy that wasn't there in the first version.

New Features

  • Support for internationalization (i18n.) The window.$language variable will allow you define a language pack to load.
  • Better support for add-on modules. The API has been re-written to easily allow add-on mods to the library. The previous version did a great job on allow allowing new validation method to be quickly added and to add custom functions, but it took a little too much work to change the default behavior or to add your own event hooks.
  • You can now overwrite the default methods used to output errors to the screen. The sample addon/dhtml mod shows an example of this.
  • Lots of new methods--such as the setMaxLength() method which can be used to automatically forward the user to another field after X number of characters are entered. This is great for times when you went to split input between multiple fields (such as the case in phone numbers, ssn, serial numbers, etc.)
  • You can now set dynamic masking for a field. When filling out fields such as phone numbers and ssn, masks can be applied to the field and qForms will automatically filter out invalid keystrokes and insert the required mask characters where appropriate.
  • A new "Group" object has been added. Groups allow you to take multiple fields and treat them as one. This feature will often be used in conjunction with the setMaxLength() method in order to break up a particular value into multiple fields.
  • The ability to delete validation rules from the queue on-the-fly.
  • Disable/enable validation for the entire form.
  • Much, much more.

[Start Demo]

There is currently no audio associated with the video. I was having trouble w/Camtasia, so I wanted to at least get up the video. When I get a chance, I'll add some audio so you can know what's going on. :) In the meantime, hopefully it's self-explanatory.

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